This website contains pornography:

Session & booking rules:

Be respectful:

Being respectful is my most important rule. The good news is that it is also pretty easy to follow:

• Treat me like a human, not a kink dispenser.
• Don't waste my time.
• Don't try to violate my boundaries.
• Take the time to read to what I have written.
Follow these and we will have a wonderful time.

Condomless? Rimming? French-kissing? etc?

• I don't offer bareback anal, This is a personal choice and non negotiable.
• Uncovered blowjobs are allowed, so is cum in mouth and facials etc.
• Rimming, deep french-kissing, and other such activities are also allowed.

Good hygiene:

Good hygiene is always nice. Nobody wants to be all sweaty. Well unless we've been wrestling / sparing.
• Make sure you have cleaned out before anal: I have a guide coming soon for this: And look I know it's not glamorous, but it's a perfectly normal aspect to anal sex that millions of people do. It's nothing to be embarrassed about etc, I do it every time I'm fucked anally.

No negotiating / pay at the start:

• I don't negotiate my rates and I require payment either cash in hand, or to have cleared my account etc. BEFORE the session starts. I might refund a portion of the session if I can't do everything agreed upon in the booking E.G I suddenly decide anal is off the table; But this is solely my discretion.

Alcohol and drugs:

• While I personally never drink or do drugs in a session; If you want a nice glass of wine or want to get high during a gooning session. I ain't judging. Just remember that if you become overly intoxicated, or I feel continuing is a danger I WILL stop the session. Also please note that for certain more extreme kinks I require you to be fully aware and not impaired. This is for your own protection.

Deposits and traveling:

• Unless you are requesting a kink that specifically requires a deposit. I don't always require a deposit; However if I do ask you for one it is non negotiable. My standard deposit rate is ~15% of total session costs.
• I am more than happy to travel long distance to see you; however please be aware that I may require a deposit as well as all my traveling expenses paid upfront before the session.


£180/Hr. Incall & Outcall.

My rate is £180/Hr regardless of Incall or Outcall, This also includes most of my kink services unless they or I specify additional cost. I do offer some discounts on longer bookings & bookings that involve more chill activities like being out and about in town, etc, at my discretion.

Based in the SouthEast of England.

I am currently based in the SouthEast of england with my usual work locations being London, Brighton, Eastbourne & surrounding areas. I am also available to travel on request. (Depending on distance: deposit & travel expenses required).

I prefer Outcalls, Incalls can be arranged.

I don't currently have any specific incall dates at the moment. Incalls can still be arranged on a per booking basis.

Typically work 12:00 - 01:00.

I typically work from 12noon to 1am; however this fluctuates depending on how busy I've been, traveling schedule, and other such things.

Same day bookings?

It is rare that I can offer same day bookings, and I ALWAYS recommend you book at least a couple of days in advance.

Use the booking form:

The best way to contact me to arrange a session is the booking form either below or to the right. I typically will respond within 24-48 hours depending on how busy I am. (Don't forget to leave either your email or phone number so I can get back to you.)

If it has been longer than 48 hours or you just don't want to use the form you can contact me on:
My email:
Or my mobile:+44 7396 823434 (SMS or WhatsApp)
DO NOT phone my mobile, I like to arrange bookings over text. Odds are I won't pick up, and just block you. (The phone never leaves silent.)

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