This website contains pornography:

Frequently asked questions.

• I am worried about STIs.

Sexual activities carry a risk of spreading STIs and I recommend regular screening.
I also want to reassure you that as a sexworker I take both my sexual health and that of my clients VERY seriously. To that end I get monthly testing, & am also on a daily PreP. (You can find out what PreP is here: What is PreP?)

• I am X nationality/age/religion/gender. Will you see me?

My biggest rule is respect & decency. You can be some cute, experimenting, 19 yr old femboy, to an elderly Sikh. As long as you respect me and treat me like a human. You will always be welcome regardless of who you are. (Assuming you are 18+ obviously.)

• I am disabled or immunocompromised.

Don't worry. Let me know during the booking process that you have medical issues that need to be accounted for and I will be happy to try and accommodate you. As for immunocompromised clients. I take my health & that of my clients very seriously and stay up to date with annual vaccinations. I will happily take additional steps to protect you should it be required.

• Penile preserving what now?

Penile-preserving vaginoplasty is a surgery that will let me have both a working penis and a vagina. It's a long term goal for me and every client, tip, and content request puts me one step closer to being able to afford it.
And hey if you got the money and REALLY wanna help a girl out you can pay for it outright and I'll let you have my first time with it. ❤️

• Can you cum?

It depends what the meds are doing, sometimes I am totally dry, other times it's a fountain. I have kinda been able to dial it in and recently I've been cumming buckets; but you know, it's not something I can always guarantee.

• How did you get into sexwork?

Been doing it since I was 18. I had a rough childhood, a lot of CSA and well by the time I hit 18 it was just, easy to slip into.
Well I say easy; The first couple of years have been fucking rough: In between dysphoria, relearning how to be a person and not a sex slave, etc etc. Shit's rough.

I would however like to stress: Sexwork is my chosen profession, sure the CSA might have influenced my initial decision; but I am a smart cookie with a shit tonne of techy skills under my belt. I could be a code bitch for some tech company or something; but no I choose to do what I love, and I love kink despite what was done to me. It's my craft, and sexwork is just as much a job as a way for me to practice and improve my craft.

• Your rate is too high!

I charge what I am comfortable with. If you don't like it: Find a different provider. I don't negotiate on my rates.

• Your rate is lower than others. Why?

I enjoy working with regular clientele and have found that my rates are in a good place for that. Yes I could probably charge more; But it's lovely to form a good long term relationship with people, and be very well acquainted with their likes, limits etc. Which works excellent for my more kink focused nature.

• What is PreP?

PreP is a pill that protects against potential HIV exposure if you come into contact with anyone infected. Most decent sexual health clinics should offer it, especially if you say you have sex with a trans sexworker. (Though they might have a long waiting list.)