This website contains pornography:

A sexworker's take on aftercare.

When it comes to sexwork: Aftercare is hard, very fucking hard, and so very easy to forget. It's why this is here: First place on both sections of my website. It is as much a reminder to me as it is a promise to you because as a sexworker it is oh so easy to get lost in it all.
Regardless of whether I am a brutal fin-domme treating someone like trash, or a pro-sub who's just finished choking on dick. The fact remains: I have a duty of care. Between time-wasters, abusers, the shit world we live in, and all the trash under the sun. It is easy to forget that fact; but at the end of the day the fact remains: You come to me, dom, sub, & everything in-between. You put yourself in my hands, and it is my responsibility to not forget one of the most important aspects of kink, even if I'm a jaded, grumpy cunt.

Girl-friend experience. (GFE.)

I am a very kinky sexworker, and I'm sure looking around this website you have either seen or will see a LOT of kinky stuff.
But I also enjoy more vanilla sessions too, It's not all whips and chains. So on that note, GFE: GFE to me means cuddling, pillow talk, lots of intimacy & closeness, back rubs (Holy fuck I love back rubs), kissing, handholding, going out an about together. All that lovely stuff.
So if your a first-timer just getting your feet wet, or a regular who simply wants to relax and have a more intimate session. I've got you covered. ❤️

Knife play rules:

I do two types of knife-play:
• First is what I call "For effect knife play". This is where the knife is just in the scene, and no actual cutting of the skin will occur.
• The second is where actual cutting occurs. This will require some additional discussion before play such as aftercare instructions, where and how much cutting you want etc etc.
This is an inherently risky activity and while I take steps to minimize risk, it can not be eliminated and WILL be discussed prior to play.
I REQUIRE a deposit before ANY knife-play is done, & I ONLY offer this service as a dominant. Do not touch my sharps unless I give you explicit permission.

Needle play rules:

Needle play like knife play is an inherently risky activity and as such WILL also be discussed prior to play.
I REQUIRE a deposit before ANY needle-play is done, & I ONLY offer this service as a dominant. Do not touch my sharps unless I give you explicit permission.
Finally due to the disposable nature of needles, I will charge depending on the quantity and type used.

Smoking kink rules:

I am happy to engage in smoking kink as both a domme & a pro-sub:
• As a domme I only smoke clove cigarettes & charge an additional £10 for smoking in the scene.
• As a pro-sub I charge an additional £20 for smoking in the scene. £40 if you want to use something that isn't a clove cigarette. (Happy to provide some of mine). I might charge extra if you want to burn me with price depending on location, quantity, and intensiveness of the burns.

Watersports rules:

I am happy to engage in watersports both as a domme & a pro-sub:
• I charge an additional £40 for giving watersports.
• I charge an additional £60 for receiving watersports, Please note this price can increase if you want to get my clothes wet.


"I'm a whore, not a chef" while certainly a true statement; doesn't mean I can't make nice things. Personally I really enjoy cooking, and yes I might not be a professional chef; but trust me regardless of if you've been enjoying the pleasures (and pain) of a whip in some intense drawn out torture session, or simply draining your balls in me while I call you daddy. Nothing beats a nice snack at the end of it.
At the end of the day you are paying for my time, and who says we can't wind down for the final 15 mins with a nice chat and a divine snack...and as a bonus I'm sure I can find some cute apron to wear while I prep it. ❤️

Wrestling / Sparing.

I am a huge slut for fights, so it's a joy to be able to offer them as a sexworker. I do have some rules regarding this but they are pretty easy to follow:
• Tap out: I use a 3 taps on the body to signify a stop; you feel 3 taps, or just constant taps, you stop. Same goes for you if you need a break or out, just tap.
• Safeword: A safeword is agreed upon before every fight. It can be as simple as "stop" or some other word, I don't mind what but a word will exist.
• No going for the face: Just don't. I will stop the scene.
• No choking: You can put your hands on my neck or whatever; but never put enough constriction to mess with the airways or blood vessels. Again, I will stop the scene.
• Just listen to me. If I say don't do x, don't do it.
Finally I am totally fine for this to be mixed with sex. You wanna try fighting me and then pinning me to a wall as you fuck me? Go for it, but you better win cause if you loose It's my turn and I can be a rough bitch. ❤️

Oculophilia / Oculolinctus.

Oculophilia is having a kink for eyes; Meanwhile Oculolinctus is eyeball-licking. I knew someone who enjoyed this as a kink and got some mentoring / discussion on the topic hence why I offer this.
If you want some pictures of my eyes, feel free to checkout my online / porn section then contact me for a custom.
I might be willing to wear some eye speculums for a short period of time as a pro sub; however this is on a case by case basis. Most of my work in this kink will only be done with me as a domme.
Eyeball licking is something I can offer (As a dominant only); however it is still a risky activity even after taking steps for good oral hygiene. Risks can include: Infections, abrasions, & ulcers. Proceed at your own risk.
Please note that due to the rarity of this kink I don't get much opportunity to practice.